Grab an ice-cold beer and sit back as you watch us transform an old country house and its 1,600 sq ft detached garage into a fabulous chateau & winery.

Have I mentioned that we have no experience in this line of work? We do, however, have a strong can-do attitude and an iPad2 to guide us. 'Nuff said.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Extreme Makeover DIY Inspiration

Lemme just tell you - the kitchen in the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Ohio house is absolutely gorgeous.

As I painted in the new kitchen, I couldn't help but be inspired by the freshly-designed concepts. I decided to put them to use in my own home.

Enter a piece of furniture that's been needing a do-over since I purchased it at a second-hand store about 10 years ago. Lazy? Perhaps...

It's the perfect piece to add some Extreme Makeover DIY inspiration to.

Remove the drawers and the knobs.

I'm a huge proponent of keeping all small pieces together in a container.

The transformation begins with a can of black spray paint.

I wanted something unique and special to top the piece. I had just the thing down in the basement:

I purchased this mirror at a thrift shop umpteen years ago. That's junk mail on the mirror to protect it from the spray paint.

All it needed was a coat of silver spray paint to tie it to the furniture piece.

In order for it to lay flat on top of the furniture piece, I had to remove the hanger.

The mirror is secured with a reusable adhesive.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Extreme Makeover Screw-Up

Color contrast is a major theme in the Rhodses new kitchen. Think opposite ends of the color spectrum accented with shine and a bold color.

This brings to mind a moment that I have to share with you.

Picture this...

I'm on the top of the scaffolding cutting-in the accent color around some window molding.

We're talking precariously perched two-stories high with nothing to hold on to and a hard hat that tended to slip sideways. Read: that hard hat would protect nothing should I fall.  Honestly, about the only thing it was good for was making me look like a dork.

It was a very rushed environment with workers like me and general volunteers everywhere.

Oh, and it was H.O.T.  And, I was extremely sweaty; covered in paint.

Anyway, the wall I was painting in the kitchen is two-stories high. The color I was painting is a vibrant, bold color.

Here's an exterior shot of that wall:

Every single one of those windows on the interior of that two-story wall are trimmed. That translates to lots of cutting-in. In the world of painting, that's my all-time favorite thing to do!

So, here I am, at the top of the wobbly scaffolding. Paint brush dipped in vibrant, bold contrast color. Cutting-in around that trim.

Dude from the building company hollers up at me:

You're painting that wall the wrong color!

Friggin' excuse me?!?!?!!!  That's not something to joke about.  

Especially to a scaredy-cat, dorky-looking woman wearing a crooked hard hat at the top of the Empire State Building scaffolding.

I hollered back that he was very funny and tried desperately to maintain my balance.

Indeed, his panicked arse was serious.

I was painting the wrong wall.

BUT. I was painting as I was told to paint. There was a mix-up somewhere in the paperwork. Thank God they decided to leave it as-is.

So, when you see the show in December and you see the vibrant accent wall in the kitchen, you can all think of me.

FACT:  According to my research, mix-ups have happened on this show.  However, things end up beautiful in the end, which is a true testament to the designers and their flexibility.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Extreme Makeover Celebs

I was so excited to win VIP status thanks to Assistant Director Joshua Zilm & EMHEs first ever Twitter contest.

I met Joshua after lunch yesterday and was able to be around celebrity designers Michael Maloney, Tracy Hutson & Sabrina Soto.

Let me just tell you that they're as wonderful off-set as they are on!

Joshua took a picture of us with his cell phone & posted it to Twitter. That's my eldest, Kate.

Sabrina Soto & Tracy Hutson.

Michael waving at me. It's borderline hysterical that I got so excited by it that I had to take a picture.

I have a lot more pictures of my VIP experience, but cannot post them until after the episode airs in December.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our next shift begins at 8pm tonight.  We'll be priming the drywall to prep it for paint.

This is a screen shot of the current EMHE Live Cam:

Can you believe that in less than 12 hours, the drywall will not only be installed, but we'll be PRIMING it?!?!

EMHE Live Cam

Brought to you by our local ABC station, WSYX6.

Click HERE.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Behind-the-Scenes at Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Friday, August 5, 2011

Our first day working for Extreme Makeover Home Edition in Columbus, Ohio was amazing.

Yes, it was hot, sweaty, dirty & exhausting. But, it was an amazing experience.

The home sits at 1507 Dewey Avenue in Columbus, Ohio. It was actually a charming little medium-blue house, but at just 941 square feet, was entirely too small for the family of seven that lived there.

From the Columbus Dispatch (click to view the entire story, including pictures & a slideshow):

“Claustrophobic” doesn’t begin to describe the conditions at 1507 Dewey Ave., near a small foundry.

The furnace is in the living room. The washer and dryer are in the small kitchen. The hot-water tank is in the only bathroom.

Our day began with arrival at the check-in tent, located a mile or so away from the site.

We signed paperwork and received a wristband to admit us to the catering tent. We also received Extreme Makeover Home Edition t-shirts.

From there we boarded a shuttle to be taken to the site.

As we walked to the special project we were working on, we passed loads of donated supplies.

The special project we worked on was not related to the Rhodeses house at all. Painting was involved. I LOVE to paint!

The episode will air around Christmastime, so Santas were everywhere. Here, they're piling out of a van at the special-project site so we can all surprise the owner.

While we were waiting to surprise the owner, Kate (our daughter) & I hung-out with the Santas.

Our work on the special project was filmed for TV. Cameras and producers/directors appeared out of nowhere.

This adorable elf played a major role in surprising the owner.

This photo of Ty Pennington was taken right after the shoot. Designer Michael Maloney was present for the shoot, too.

Our job was to paint the exterior of a building.

Doug & Kate workin' hard.

Me painting. LOVE to paint! In fact, I was so happy to be there that I hugged the owner after the shoot.

Equipment was placed in nearby trees.

It's amazing how working hard in the heat can make you feel so hungry! We had hot dogs & fruit smoothies.

Throughout the afternoon, volunteers on golf carts would deliver water & snacks to those working on the sites. It was much appreciated!

Demolition began on the house earlier in the day. Didn't take much to bring the tiny thing down.

The house sat next to a church parking lot. You can see supplies for the new house waiting to be used.

Our next scheduled work day is Sunday from 8pm to 11pm. We'll be priming the interior of the house.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Work Schedule

We are working as skilled tradesmen. I guess all those years of painting houses and refinishing furniture have paid off for me.

Today the fortunate family who is receiving the makeover will be surprised. Tomorrow, our work to help them begins.

We don't know where the house is located or anything about the family's story. That will be revealed today.

Our work schedule is as follows:

Friday 1pm

We working on a special project that will be filmed for TV.

Sunday 8pm-11pm

Priming the walls.

Monday 5am-3pm

Painting the walls.