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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Behind-the-Scenes at Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Friday, August 5, 2011

Our first day working for Extreme Makeover Home Edition in Columbus, Ohio was amazing.

Yes, it was hot, sweaty, dirty & exhausting. But, it was an amazing experience.

The home sits at 1507 Dewey Avenue in Columbus, Ohio. It was actually a charming little medium-blue house, but at just 941 square feet, was entirely too small for the family of seven that lived there.

From the Columbus Dispatch (click to view the entire story, including pictures & a slideshow):

“Claustrophobic” doesn’t begin to describe the conditions at 1507 Dewey Ave., near a small foundry.

The furnace is in the living room. The washer and dryer are in the small kitchen. The hot-water tank is in the only bathroom.

Our day began with arrival at the check-in tent, located a mile or so away from the site.

We signed paperwork and received a wristband to admit us to the catering tent. We also received Extreme Makeover Home Edition t-shirts.

From there we boarded a shuttle to be taken to the site.

As we walked to the special project we were working on, we passed loads of donated supplies.

The special project we worked on was not related to the Rhodeses house at all. Painting was involved. I LOVE to paint!

The episode will air around Christmastime, so Santas were everywhere. Here, they're piling out of a van at the special-project site so we can all surprise the owner.

While we were waiting to surprise the owner, Kate (our daughter) & I hung-out with the Santas.

Our work on the special project was filmed for TV. Cameras and producers/directors appeared out of nowhere.

This adorable elf played a major role in surprising the owner.

This photo of Ty Pennington was taken right after the shoot. Designer Michael Maloney was present for the shoot, too.

Our job was to paint the exterior of a building.

Doug & Kate workin' hard.

Me painting. LOVE to paint! In fact, I was so happy to be there that I hugged the owner after the shoot.

Equipment was placed in nearby trees.

It's amazing how working hard in the heat can make you feel so hungry! We had hot dogs & fruit smoothies.

Throughout the afternoon, volunteers on golf carts would deliver water & snacks to those working on the sites. It was much appreciated!

Demolition began on the house earlier in the day. Didn't take much to bring the tiny thing down.

The house sat next to a church parking lot. You can see supplies for the new house waiting to be used.

Our next scheduled work day is Sunday from 8pm to 11pm. We'll be priming the interior of the house.

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