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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Extreme Makeover DIY Inspiration

Lemme just tell you - the kitchen in the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Ohio house is absolutely gorgeous.

As I painted in the new kitchen, I couldn't help but be inspired by the freshly-designed concepts. I decided to put them to use in my own home.

Enter a piece of furniture that's been needing a do-over since I purchased it at a second-hand store about 10 years ago. Lazy? Perhaps...

It's the perfect piece to add some Extreme Makeover DIY inspiration to.

Remove the drawers and the knobs.

I'm a huge proponent of keeping all small pieces together in a container.

The transformation begins with a can of black spray paint.

I wanted something unique and special to top the piece. I had just the thing down in the basement:

I purchased this mirror at a thrift shop umpteen years ago. That's junk mail on the mirror to protect it from the spray paint.

All it needed was a coat of silver spray paint to tie it to the furniture piece.

In order for it to lay flat on top of the furniture piece, I had to remove the hanger.

The mirror is secured with a reusable adhesive.


  1. How smart to use the mirror on top of your chest.
    The makeover is fantastic. And, I agree about keeping the hardware safe!

  2. They fit prefectly the mirror and the dresser...very smart