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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Extreme Makeover Screw-Up

Color contrast is a major theme in the Rhodses new kitchen. Think opposite ends of the color spectrum accented with shine and a bold color.

This brings to mind a moment that I have to share with you.

Picture this...

I'm on the top of the scaffolding cutting-in the accent color around some window molding.

We're talking precariously perched two-stories high with nothing to hold on to and a hard hat that tended to slip sideways. Read: that hard hat would protect nothing should I fall.  Honestly, about the only thing it was good for was making me look like a dork.

It was a very rushed environment with workers like me and general volunteers everywhere.

Oh, and it was H.O.T.  And, I was extremely sweaty; covered in paint.

Anyway, the wall I was painting in the kitchen is two-stories high. The color I was painting is a vibrant, bold color.

Here's an exterior shot of that wall:

Every single one of those windows on the interior of that two-story wall are trimmed. That translates to lots of cutting-in. In the world of painting, that's my all-time favorite thing to do!

So, here I am, at the top of the wobbly scaffolding. Paint brush dipped in vibrant, bold contrast color. Cutting-in around that trim.

Dude from the building company hollers up at me:

You're painting that wall the wrong color!

Friggin' excuse me?!?!?!!!  That's not something to joke about.  

Especially to a scaredy-cat, dorky-looking woman wearing a crooked hard hat at the top of the Empire State Building scaffolding.

I hollered back that he was very funny and tried desperately to maintain my balance.

Indeed, his panicked arse was serious.

I was painting the wrong wall.

BUT. I was painting as I was told to paint. There was a mix-up somewhere in the paperwork. Thank God they decided to leave it as-is.

So, when you see the show in December and you see the vibrant accent wall in the kitchen, you can all think of me.

FACT:  According to my research, mix-ups have happened on this show.  However, things end up beautiful in the end, which is a true testament to the designers and their flexibility.

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